Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love Beach House! If I just want to luxuriate for 2 hours, I play their 2 albums, "Beach House" and "Devotion" back to back. And if I want to chill with a touch of glam, I see them live, which is what I did Monday night with Jess @ the Bottom of the Hill. Their set, like most of their songs, wasn't too long and I like that about their music. Fleeting and dreamy, each song flows into the other to create an ethereal, yet glamorously distinct whole. Whether it's one of their albums or a concert (I also saw them a year ago at the Swedish American Music Hall), Beach House offers something more than a singular experience. They allure and seduce, inviting you to return, again and again, to their luscious offering. A great deal of this has to do with lead singer and organist, Victoria Legrand. Top to bottom, a fashion delight: always her signature high wasted jeans, Miami Vice blazer with the obvious shoulder pads, hot pink nail polish and her better-never-cut-it long and wavy hair that I liken to that of a Renaissance heroine, like Britomart, from Spenser's The Faerie Queen. Her locks rock (you should see her head-bang) but her real gift is that voice. Deep, dark and full, there is no loneliness to be felt when she invites you in and persuades, "Oh, but your wish is my command."

***photo courtesy of Gorilla vs Bear***

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