Friday, November 12, 2010

The Yosemite

The surface of the water is stirred, perhaps, by whirling water-beetles, or some startled trout, seeking shelter beneath fallen logs or roots. The falls, too, are quiet; no wind stirs, and the whole Valley floor is a mosaic of greens and purples, yellows and reds. Even the rocks seem strangely soft and mellow, as if they, too, had ripened. -1912

John Muir, from "The Yosemite"

Like John Muir and others before me, I've been held captive by thoughts and dreams of Yosemite. It seems to be ever present in my life although I'm neither there this moment nor have I yet to arrive. Simply meaning, another Yosemite trip awaits me for the future - just as memories of trips passed linger gracefully in the present.


  1. I have really enjoyed all your posts on Yosemite. I like how your responses have been revealed thoughtfully over the course of a week. I'm so glad that Yosemite means so much to you. I have so many happy memories of being there with you when you were very young.

  2. beautiful!! john muir is amazing. xo.

    in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. -j. muir

  3. How'd you take that cool photo of the deer?

  4. i love this! the image and the words immediately brought to mind my Poetry in Translation class and Wang Wei's "Deer Park" poem. i love how you are holding Yosemite's magic close.