Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monte Rio

It's always a fun experiment when you start a blog post listening to Joni Mitchell and then you switch over to the Roots. I wonder how it will affect the tone of my writing. Let's see shall we? So, I have a dream: of one day owning a cottage on a lake or a river, with enough kayaks, canoes, and beds for my friends, family and any visitors that come my way. Alas, this city girl can dream.

Or, until the dream is done, I can take advantage of San Francisco's close proximity to many a lake and river nearby. And what better time than the present? Last weekend, two girlfriends and I rented a cabin on the Russian River. We packed our bags and left the city just as is it was getting dark. We traveled through fog on the Golden Gate Bridge, watched a beautiful sunset as we entered Sonoma County, and watched it get dark on the Bohemian Highway. As daylight left us, the trip began with mystery. What will it look like when we wake up?

Well, it wasn't ugly. In fact, we were pretty shocked and amazed with how beautiful this place was. After a perfect night's sleep in a cabin surrounded by trees, we awoke to the stillness of the river and calm, quiet melody of bird song. Early to rise, we picked our jaws up off the floor and explored the town. First off, we ventured a few miles to the town of Duncan Mills.

Along the highway we spotted many vintage cars outside of river houses in the woods.

The view of the river from the bridge to Duncan Mills.

First stop: coffee and sweets!

The town was full of colorful shops... antique store full of previous finds...

...and the cutest tea shop I've ever seen. Oh, my, what an inspiring collection of vintage tea pots and tea cups it had!

Of course, there was the Rodeo...

Let the games begin...with California representing.

As for rodeos, it was my first.

After lunch, tea, and rodeos, it was time to go back "home" to our cabin on the river. Speaking of "on the river," it was about time we did just that. A sunset kayak is possibly my all-time favorite Saturday evening activity. Winding down from the day and giving in to relaxation, you literally are going with the flow.

Team Russian River!

Sunday came all too fast and soon it was time to head back to San Francisco. Luckily, Wild Flour bakery was on the way home (how often do you get to say that?). We got sweet treats there...

...and again in Sausalito where we dined for lunch at Fish. Obviously, a seafood meal isn't complete without raspberry cheesecake. Isn't that how all trips should end? Thanks to my girls for making the weekend so magical, xo!


  1. Oh you girls are so cute! What a great weekend. So glad you had this wonderful, relaxing experience. It was filled with inspiration. Love all these photos!

  2. Unsure if this post rules out this trip being a dream OR verifies it. Such a special weekend!

  3. I want to be there. It looks as though everything is calm and beautiful.

  4. As much as I love the ocean, I've been having a desire to be in a river or lake ~ like a rafting trip on the Russian River, or something like that. A place with no sharks to worry about :) Such a beautiful post.

  5. Oh this looks like a magical trip. That cabin in the woods looks so cool. I am planning a trip to California, San Francisco and this wants me want to book it NOW.

  6. looks like pure bliss

  7. So love that area - I grew up visiting Armstrong Woods + canoeing on the river as much as possible ... and last month went to a wedding on the beach with reception at Duncans Mills! (the sportman's club, which is tucked away down a dirt road) Such a funky, fun place to spend a weekend, or a few hours. Glad you enjoyed!