Friday, August 10, 2012

Found Fashion in France

Mais oui, there is more! I wouldn't say that the idea of fashion is taken lightly in Paris nor would I say that the residents lack a sense of style. Quite the opposite. Whether through a store window, around the corner from the boulevard, across the dinner table over wine or cloaked on a mannequin as real as life, I couldn't help but be inspired by the array of different looks that surrounded me during my time in Paris. Here are a few highlights (I almost just wrote "from my dream!") from what I've seen! 

Wonderful hats at Marie Mercie on rue Saint-Sulpice.

My head to toe look on a fancy free day.

Socks, tights and legwear at Tabio on rue Saint-Sulpice.

More love, south of the ankle, at Repetto in the Marais.

Ballerina inspiration.

What happens when you ask a hair stylist for an up-do with a braid...

...and what happens when a hairstylist is inspired by the bow on your dress. This look is called "Lady Gaga Bow."

A Haute Couture design from I R A K L I. Walking into the store (nestled between the Palais Royal and Le Louvre), I didn't expect to get so much attention from intern Louis. But he had a lot to say about the store's president and founder, Irakli Nasidzé's designs. Here's a brief excerpt from the sweet email from Louis, which I received later that day:

"While staying true to his artistic nature, Irakli designs collections suited for today’s modern woman. With inspiration coming from travels, different art forms and the minimalistic flight of birds, cloths aspire to purity and elegance...As for the collections, the spirit of I R A K L I is in the imagery of the birds: Simplistic, pure and elegant. The clothes are made using the highest quality fabric available, with threads coming from Italy or Japan. They are then weaved into a knit that breath and live with the women it dresses."

Of course, how could I go to Paris and not stop into Agnès B (above).

Same goes for Isabel Marant (above).


Finally, Poem, Sweet Meg found glowing with Sylvia Beach Whitman - proprietor of Shakespeare and Company and a woman who is as stylish as they come. Sylvia is dressed in Dries Van Noten. By far, THE fashion highlight of the trip!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!

    Esp. your outfit. So chic. xx

  2. THIS IS AMAZING!!! So chic and inspiring.

  3. Oh Meg, you just make me smile.