Tuesday, September 18, 2012


On Sunday, I went on a 30 mile bike ride, wearing only saltwater sandals. On Fell street, a fellow biker told me I was brave going with the open-toed shoe option. I disagreed, offering a new adjective to describe my footwear: stupid, actually. As he bolted off into the fog, he let me off the hook, deciding the words are synonymous. Brave, stupid. I suppose we need a little bit of both in all of us to get the risky job done.

Two days later, my feet feel great -- strong and well-traveled. Kind of like me. On the long ride to Larkspur (via the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and the Tiburon Peninsula), I couldn't help but meditate on how good it felt to "fly" out of the city like that. Then, I realized, I've been "flying" out of the city all summer. Not on my bike, but mostly in cars and planes. I might need to ease off of my carbon footprint for a while (sandal shaped, of course), and while I do, I will look back on all of the amazing journeys I've been on.

The best way to start the summer is with a sister weekend in Palm Spring with Heather. Since there's no chance of getting a tan in SF between May and September, I venture elsewhere for the sunshine.

Russian River weekend with my girls. We had kayaks and a dock. What else does one need for waterfront living? Oh, yes, we had books. And we stumbled upon a Rodeo. We let the river take us where we needed to be.

LA on July 4th to see Beach House in concert (I skipped the fireworks, too!). Fun family time in sunny LA, and lots of couch time preparing for the next big thing...



Celebrating love and friendship in the city of lights. No words, just sun-kissed smiling faces.

Napa Valley for pool-time, wine, and yoga! More tanning (out of the city, naturally).

Backpacking in Desolation Wilderness! It's such a dream to camp alongside an alpine lake, swimming and hiking all day. Magical escape...

Last trip of the summer (I think, although, there are still a few days to squeeze something in) was Santa Fe (most pics from that one in my last post). Hiking in the Pecos Wilderness, soaking in tubs at 10,000 waves and eating more than one plate of Enchiladas. Such sweetness to cherish. 

Staying put for a while. If I get antsy, I always have the bike, the road, and, yes, the saltwater sandals.


  1. What a great summer you have had! Wonderful trips and such beautiful photos!

  2. The photo of you and your girlfriend face-to-face in Paris is one of my favorites that you have ever posted. I can feel the love between you two! xoxo

  3. Love.love.love. time to soak in the city before penciling new adventures into the fall calendar (hint hint). xo

  4. you know how I feel about summer 2012. the best. and a beautiful post to mark it. xoxo