Monday, December 13, 2010


Under the weather one day, on top of the holidays the next! Since I've just been hanging around my apartment resting up, I've had endless hours to sit around and envision holiday decorations. In a bout of energy Saturday night, I gathered around all the greenery I picked up when I got my Christmas tree and all the berry branches I picked up when I bought my mistletoe. Together, and with a bit of green wire, these decorations and I got to work!

First, I had a vision for my mantle. I was going for a look that was rustic, but elegant. After pulling apart the garland I picked up at the Delancy Street Christmas Lot, I arranged the branches on the mantle. I then cut berries from their bunch, garnishing my arrangement wherever I could.

Spray of Christmas...


This is the first year I've put up a wreath - the start of a long tradition, I hope!

The little tree! I usually get a small tree (the kind you'd see in a child's room), because I'm not quite ready for a big one. My parents have the most incredible collection of ornaments. Many look antique, and very old-fashioned - which makes sense because they've had most of them since before I was born! Three years ago when they gave me a few treasures from the lot, I was delighted to put them on my tree. Now I can build my collection on holiday memories from my childhood.

Year-round, I keep a framed photograph of Joni Mitchell in my non-working fireplace. I usually move it when the tree comes around, but this year I'm just not ready to. From this angle, I think it looks kind of nice.

Don't laugh!

My first Christmas card of the year! Now my place is perfectly cozy for this holiday season.


  1. It's the perfect Charlie Brown tree, Meg. Reminds me of hiking in MT to find the perfect one for my room! Love love.

  2. so cute!!! the sissy angel is the best!

  3. the only thing that could make that place any cozier is a visit from a pair of Christmas elves...

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! i didn't laugh, but i did sort of giggle.

    off to bingo night!! wish you were coming!

  5. Love how you decorated for Christmas. Those ornaments look perfect on your little tree. And the mantle is so pretty. You are all ready for the holidays!

  6. Sorry to be so late, been out of town, but love this post and, love the placement of the Christmas card. Hope to see you over the holiday.

  7. Margo! I hoped you would notice! Xoxoxo!

  8. it's so stunning...i love fresh garland...and fresh wreaths...and fresh trees ;-)
    so lovely and the smell...i wait all year for that smell!

    happy holidays my friend!