Monday, September 28, 2009


It is like a wild goose chase finding these places, especially when you're reading directions backwards and going around in squares instead of straight lines, but we made it! Gabriel Farm on Sullivan Street--oh! it's name just makes me feel cozy. We greeted our gracious hosts, who told us: go for Golden Delicious and Fuji, both perfectly ripe and in season. Once we learned everything (like weigh rate and to NOT pick the pears), we were orchard bound with baskets! Along the way, we ate wild blackberries off the stem, giving our hands a nice red stain. The kind of stain that shows we know how to get our hands dirty. Then, we pick a row and pick some apples, but, gently, off the branch.

I like getting all up in those trees...

...and some of us become the tree.


  1. Will you make sauce, preserves or jam, then carefully place in mason jars, sharing the sugary sunshine, sea swept fog and nitrogen rich black earth for all your friends and family to enjoy?

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