Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Gnomes Here

Always seeking poetry, sometimes I head north for it. Saturday, being a special day and all, gave me inspiration in the form of a village, a bakery, a garden and its little creatures, nestled in the flora. The day began on the Bohemian Highway, at the Wild Flour Bread Bakery, also known as the ultimate getaway from the city. They feature organic, piping hot breads, straight from a wood fired oven. My birthday crew and I enjoyed the Fougasse (potato, garlic, rosemary, jack, chedder and swiss) and the Green Goat (green onion and goat cheese). Yes, you heard me.

The sweets are good and all (understatement), but what I really cherish is the wildflower garden out back. While enjoying treats and coffee, you can stroll through the magical greens and watch bees and butterflies do their thing. I was especially excited to see sunflowers taller-than-me and pumpkins ready-for-carving. I'm going to hold back on posting those pictures (of which I have many) so you can see for yourself when you venture there next weekend (wink wink). Today I'm more enchanted by the different kinds of creatures I found hidden in the landscape.

Check out these last'd they get in there?