Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Sur Spirit

Comfortably you can fit a lot into a day trip to Big Sur. If you leave SF at 7 and need to be at Rainbow grocery to buy goodies for a BBQ by 5, you can fit about 3 items onto the agenda that can be enjoyed in a leisurely fashion. Make it to Deetjens by 10 for a hearty breakfast, hike to the waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park after that, and, on your way out, hit up the Big Sur Bakery because you've never been and you've been dying to go. You also need a sweet snack.

Peering out over bluffs, taking in the view, there's the chance you might get hungry. Or deliciously happy and glad with your life. The state of your well being bears the flag of 'Big Sur.' There's even the chance you'll forget the time - not the time you're having, but the time we, too often, watch as it either drags or passes us by. Did I mention that squeezed into these majestic activities there's even room for some peaceful contemplation and excessive picture taking - by creeks and inside giant trees?

*** frightened photos courtesy of Jess' camera ***

How had I never been to the Big Sur Bakery, you may ask? California girl, sweet tooth, cultural artifact seeker - and still no B.S.B?

There's a chance I did go, once, maybe years ago but for some reason I don't remember the occasion. Hard to imagine, I know, so I'm sticking with the story that I'd never been until a few Saturdays ago's tasty visit. It was the walnut cinnamon roll that did me in. Goodbye world, I'm baked. And while enjoying this sticky sweetness, I wandered into another place I'd never been: the spirit garden.

I'm hoooooommmmmme.

Love that: 'life is a dance.' Great way to approach your being.


don't simply appear

after the rain

comes rattling down.

Been there or not, it's daylight fit for dreams.


  1. Your words and photos capturing one of the best (if not the best) parts of the California coast are beautiful! =)

  2. Kate! What an amazing blast from the past! How are you? Thanks so much for the blog comment :) I'd love to hear what wonderful things you're up to/where you are in the world. As for reunion in June, missed you up in Maine, xoxo

  3. wow it seems like you girls had lots of fun! :)

  4. hi lady! amazing blast from the past is exactly what i thought when a couple of clicks from my usual blog viewing brought me here! i was sad to miss the reunion in june, i was in istanbul. i've been in grad school at columbia for the past year, but am moving back to boulder, co to be with my man (actually we're getting married in a couple of weeks - eek!) - looking forward to my bicycle and garden, too. i'm currently going through a little love affair with all things san fransisco, so your pictures are doubly lovely to gaze :-)

    hugs and hugs to you and those other lovely bates belles in your photos! xo, kate

  5. I've been to that waterfall before! Beautiful. Did you stop in at Nepenthe?