Monday, August 9, 2010

Deetjen's Big Sur Inn

It's amazing how far away the coast can take you. I partly mean distance - whether heading north or south, highway one, with its curving roads and dramatic scenery, captivates to the point of passivity. Yes, I will drive five hours round trip for that breakfast. Yes, I'll get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning because I know what's on the other end of that alarm clock. It's likely that I'd go on any day trip so long as there are promises of views and peaks, bird watching and quiet walks, waterfalls and homemade baked goods. Who wouldn't want to wind and dine. Then there is the other far away. The "away" away. A different world away. That's where you will often find yourself when where you are and how you got there doesn't even matter. It's that being there feels right.

Now I'm speaking from a place of much travel over the past few weekends. I've been to Sonoma, I've been to Santa Cruz, I've been to Big Sur, I've been to Carmel. For weeks upon weeks, I've been lucky enough to spend time among astonishing landscape and with wonderful people. I have so much to share that I'll have to split my "far away" posts into two or three segments. Hope no one minds some California love.

Last Saturday, Jess and Sarah and I went to Big Sur for the day for multiple celebrations of various kinds. Our breakfast at Deetjen's was overwhelmingly special. Aside from our oats and eggs and toast, we had pancakes for the table. All to the tune of a crackling hearth. Food's good nutrition and all, but in terms of survival - I could probably live off the smell of a wood burning fire. In fact, I could probably live at Deetjen's.

We peaked into a few open cottages, restraining ourselves from getting into these beds. We didn't want to get kicked out, mostly so not to sacrifice our chances of coming back. So we stayed back, but not too far back...

It's hard to imagine doing anything wrong at Deetjen's. When you're there you find that everything's in its right place. From the kitten on the rocking chair to the door inscribed 'Grandpa's Room.'

Only moving to adjust mid nap, Deetjen's cat lives the good life!

Cozy corner one...

Cozy corner two...

Cozy corner three...

...but this place is anything but square.


  1. i LOVE big sur!! almost stayed at Deetjen's last time I was there. Won't make the same mistake twice.

  2. It takes me to everlasting youth to read of others who love Grandpa's Inn. What an extraordinary thing he did for past, present, and future coastal wanderers. I love how he made it all seem such a discovery, how he cared for every corner, and how you appreciated what he achieved there, his kind of awareness. We're blessed that the people working there also keep his attention to detail--from the fresh flowers Caroline placed on your table to the able and jovial management of Torrey Waag and the two foundations that own and operate the treasure you drove to. Deetjen's never leaves your soul once it captivates you. hanks for sharing your
    love of the place.
    Anita Alan
    Big Sur Inn: The Deetjen Legacy,
    Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2006
    The kitty is Fabio.

  3. ahhh.. i love big sir. i miss it.

  4. hubby and i honeymooned in big sur 10 years ago this year...

    it's my most favorite place.

  5. Lovely post, Ms. Megan.

    Need to go to Deetjen's!

    I love that you spent New Years at the Love Shack...I was honestly thinking that the Love Shack would be the perfect place to spend a New Year's Eve when we were there! Weird.