Monday, September 13, 2010


I didn't forget about you...Poem, Sweet Poem.

Or you, or you, or you. It's just that I needed a few days to gather my thoughts.

Some time for quiet, some space to think. A clear path to regain the balance I need to cultivate my wishes, desires and dreams.

Sometimes I need to pause and check in - to see if I'm living life on auto-pilot. Once I've realized, o whoops! there's that auto-pilot again - it's time to slow down.

So that when I return to the routine it can be with kindness, compassion and clarity.

All I want is to give, to put out into the world a good word or two.

A round about way of saying, I missed you.


  1. miss you too my sister! welcome back! those pictures are so dreamy/happy/cozy

  2. wow, what are those gorgeous flowers in the first two photos?

  3. Heather and Jeana: So happy to be back!
    Ken: they're from the San Francisco Zen Center's Green Gulch farm!

  4. welcome back! and what a sweet re-entry to the Internet. I toooootally hear you about auto-pilot. Today is all about checking in for me. hopefully i will return with a bit more kindness, compassion and clarity, too. sighhhhh.