Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turn on Your Love Light

If jetting off to the east coast for these weekend autumnal weddings becomes a habit, I might get spoiled by the beauty of New England. This past Saturday, I found myself in Connecticut's Litchfield County in a town called New Milford, along the Housatonic River. After a day or two of chasing the fall foliage and hiking on the Appalachian Trail (to be blogged about soon), I traveled to the Candlelight Farms Inn to celebrate the wedding of Karen and Dom.

When we first pulled up to the farm I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen. Surrounded by green fields, dense forests and birch trees, there was a main house, a barn, a gazebo, a silo, and farm animals running about. Not to mention a lake off in the distance. I knew it would be beautiful, but this was beyond beautiful! I also knew that our friends would be full of cozy loving feelings for the happy couple, just like the previous weekend. Of course, expectations were exceeded by the real love and energy you can only feel in the moment. I could feel it, alright. I could smell it in the air and see it on everyone's face. Just look at this display of sheer happiness:

Karen's bouquet looked elegantly wild. I remember when she first showed me her dress in June...I knew it would be perfect.

Gorgeous barn with an all-around good message to live by - in fact, can I just live here?

Oh well, maybe I'll live here? The inn was dreamily old fashioned, like something out of Anne of Green Gables.

The trees beyond the barn were turning but they hadn't quite turned yet.

Amazing picture taken by my friend Sarah Barnes...but how did I miss these planter work boots?

The bride's Appalachian trail tattoo she got after hiking the trail - I'm obsessed.

Enjoying cocktails with the previous weekend's newlyweds, Chip and Hanna. They seemed so relaxed and blissful - I was very inspired by the good energy they were giving off into the night.

As to be expected, the Bates banner flies again! I'm nestled in on the left. To my right (yer left) is my beautiful friend Cait, who's wedding I was a bridesmaid in 4 years ago! How time flies...

During dinner, Karen and Dom set up a slide show documenting their lives as children when they didn't yet know one another. The slide show then progressed into their time together as a couple. This picture made me smile thinking about all their outdoor adventures.

Speaking of smiles, this is probably my favorite moment of the night (aside from the Hora and the band performing Lady Gaga songs). I know the picture is out of focus, but it doesn't matter! It's pure in-the-moment happiness and joy. Even as the sun was setting, they got caught in the light.

Thank you Karen and Dom for a magical weekend. I love you both, xo.


  1. this looks like a stunning wedding...i love weddings that feel timeless and totally personal.

  2. I'm so glad I found this blog posting. I followed Karen's trail journal and cried many times. She is the one that re-ignited a long pushed aside dream to thru hike... thanks again.