Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caleb's Peak

Thought I'd speckle the end of the weekend with a bit of New England foliage I found along the Appalachian Trail. These photos were taken early last Saturday morning on a hike up to Caleb's Peak. Let's call this post a photo essay: little text, a lot of look. It's hard to put into words what images can say for themselves. Sometimes it's even a challenge to do an experience justice by trying to describe it. That being said, enjoy this cozy scenery and if you have any captions in mind, please feel free to share...I'm sure at a loss*

These next 3 pics are courtesy of Girl Awakes.

*Yesterday, I prepared a very descriptive post for my magical journey up to Caleb's Peak but I somehow lost all my (descriptive, well-thought-out, contemplative) text due to a failed internet connection. So sad, but a lesson learned about attachment to material things (blogs, internet dependence, etc). It's the experience that mattered, it's only the memories that can really be saved. Control s to that...

p.s. speaking of Internet woes, I just saw "The Social Network" and boy, oh boy, I'm on edge.


  1. Hi Meg,
    I really didn't need the text. The photos do it all. I felt like I was there, and I could really imagine the smells, the sounds, and the feeling of the air. So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to have a little taste of New England Fall in Los Angeles.

  2. hahaa LOVE this post. great positive take on losing precious words. Control S to that indeed! P.S. this Saturday I hear you are turning it up with Heather and Alex! See you then!

  3. sissy! you are so cute in that pic. and so cozy all the fall leaves. love. and yes, we will be turning it WAY up on saturday AM. 10/9!!!

  4. hello cutie! the photos are beautiful.

  5. as we both know, there are no words. i'm still dreaming of caleb's peak. thanks meg.

  6. Awesome pics Sissy! Um Social Network made me think about the potential for the internet and social networking to change the world. It's happening now and will be more evident in the soon to be future.