Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Color

Does this count?

I'm a wayward watcher of sports - World Cup, NBA Finals, the Olympics. Sure, I'll watch these sporting events, but never the games leading up to them. I'm not really interested in watching sports on TV - I would much rather go outside and get my own exercise. When it comes to professional sports, my interest exclusively comes out of hibernation amidst the excitement factor of those last stakes-couldn't-be-higher games. I feel confident that I'm not alone in this...hello out there?

Knowing absolutely nothing about sports (nothing about the terms, the rules, the stats, the players, etc), I totally buy into those end of season thrills that glue fans to the television and local sports bars. Now that San Francisco is home to the World Series, I am more interested in baseball than ever before (which obviously isn't saying much - like I said, wayward). It's just so fun to be collectively excited about something. I mean, seriously, I needed to be a part of the energy that made City Hall light up like this:

The instant that they won last night, I stuck my head out the window to hear the fireworks - and there they were. I love the crowds of people outside, howling on the streets. Cars honking at each other - in solidarity. The celebration goes on and on...or at least I hope! (sorry, Dodgers.)

Anyway, you may ask, how does this relate to pumpkin week again? Well, the Giants made it into pumpkin week because (Big Win! Game 1!) it just so happens that their team color is orange, which for all intents and purposes is pumpkin.

p.s. Did anybody see last night's Modern Family Halloween episode? It was amazing!!! When it ended I wanted to watch it all over again - now that's TV I can get into!

By the way, things are going well with the pumpkin bread consumption. Baking it inspired a real baking extravaganza this you can see, this happened:

They aren't pumpkin cookies, but they're a classic. Shh, but I still use the Nestle Tollhouse recipe!


  1. i like watching the pumpkin bread get smaller as the weeks goes on....