Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I got a surprise from Buenos Aires. It was a phone call from my friend Sarah Barnes who has been living in Argentina for the past 8 months. She'd just come to back to the big city after sleeping on the beach on an island in Chile, called Chiloe or "the Corner of the South." It was so incredible to hear her voice and her stories. All her adventures sounded as colorful and exciting as I imagined. I got an even better visual when we, over the phone of course, went onto her online photo gallery together. While we "flipped" through the images of divine sunsets and scrumptious meals, she offered me their correlating narratives and any behind-the-scenes gems.

Throughout these visual depictions, I came across this image above and I was captivated by its peaceful and cozy essence. Just looking at it made me feel relaxed. I asked her about it (about the one where she's on the train and she quickly clarified it was a van) and her narrative goes something like this: she's finally on the road to Achao after hitchhiking from Dalcahue. She's bundled up in a hat and scarf that she made on the farm she lived at in Rincon del Sur. She may know where she's going, but the wind could take her anywhere.

For more on Sarah's trip or to see where she's been, visit her blog Girl Awakes.

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  1. oooohhhh wow! im going to her blog right now! i hope she finds what she is looking for! i love friends with spirits of adventure!