Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gypsy Honeymoon and Heart

I'm really into this one area of the Mission District in San Francisco. Mainly, the two latest transplants: Gypsy Honeymoon (an antique store) and Heart (a wine bar). These new kids in town have nearly completed an almost perfect block between 23rd to 24th streets on Valencia. Elsewhere on the strip you will find Beretta (a great restaurant that features off-the-wall cocktails), Yoga Tree (getcher dog on), the Scarlet Sage (an herbal apothecary just a few doors down from Beretta) and soon enough, an Arizmendi will nestle itself between Heart and Gypsy Honeymoon. Arizmendi is one of the best bakeries in town (their daily pizza special is cuckoo) and currently resides in the inner Sunset. Once Arizmendi arrives, there will be no reason to go elsewhere.

Every gem in Gyspy Honeymoon in a treasure. It recently relocated from a small and stuffy space around the corner to this larger, most gallery-esque location. The last time I stopped in a jazz trio was performing live. I also spotted these turquoise hair pins behind glass. I'd rather they were in my hair...

After happy hour, Heart projects a movie on one its big white walls. One night I was there they played Jules and Jim. If that wasn't enough to make me return, it was their selection of wine that they serve cozily, by the glass or bottle, in mason jars. Either way...


  1. it's been years since i've been to the mission district. lovely photos :)

    xo Alison

  2. ooooh, this made so excited for my trip late june in sf. xoc