Monday, May 17, 2010

May I Have Half of May?

Last year this time I had just graduated from CCA with an MFA in Writing. I can't believe a year has passed. I remember specifically not knowing what to do once my program ended. Of course, I knew everything would work itself out in terms of a job and day-to-day responsibilities, but I remember in that brief period after school ended I felt uncertainty. In that wave of transition, I was swept up into a current in which routine is shaken and all the pieces fall apart. It's that state of unknowing that we know is good for us but feels dreadful as it hinders our wishes and desires for an answer, maybe two. One thing's for sure. I knew I wanted something. I wanted May. Please, I thought, give me May. And I got it, for sure.

Now, one year later, I've had half of May. Not in the same way I had it/needed it last year, but this year hasn't been too rough either. When I say I want May, I just mean I want to experience each day with an open mind and a warm heart. In that respect, I should have every day. We all should have May, and we all should have every day. Please, together, give us every day.

Here are some ways in which I've had May in San Francisco:

The MFA Open Studios Exhibition at the California College of the Arts. Reminds me that I'm so lucky to have gone to such an amazing school and also reminds me that it's never too late to exercise creativity.

I've been careful not to miss the wildflowers on Bernal Hill. Unlike the sunset, they might not be here tomorrow.

Dining, al fresco, at Pizzeria Delfina with Sarah. This fava bean and Pecorino antipasti really hit the spot after a long work day.

and this Margherita pizza did its job in being utterly divine

Going with Gloria to hear poet Joanne Kyger read at Moe's was a special and cozy Berkeley treat. I heard Gloria (poet, essayist, novelist, teacher, friend) read the next night in a living room reading series. One goal for the summer: keep up going to readings. They always make me happy, guaranteed. In that respect, they're like a yoga class. I always leave energized and inspired.

(photograph of Joanne Kyger from here)

Yesterday was Bay to Breakers and although this isn't a fashion blog, I can't help but post some particularly colorful photographs depicting fashion highlights from the day. This epic 3rd Sunday in May event sure brings out the crowds...and the characters.

It's San Francisco, after all...


  1. i miss living in SF. (well..except the weather)
    great post, megan!

  2. SF is such a magical place...this post makes me want to get there stat.