Monday, May 24, 2010

Lupine Ladies of the Canyon

I just emerged from a magical 'girls' weekend, so forgive me if I'm a little loopy. Camping is one of my favorite activities - a great way to relax and escape the obstacles of the city - the ones that keep you from a clear head. Sarah, Jess and I set aside this weekend to get away. We headed about 2.5 hours up north, past lush vineyards and mysteriously small towns, to the valley of Wilbur Springs. Here is where we spent a whole day in the healing waters of the natural mineral hot springs.

The landscape made it easy to sink into the earth. See that small structure, nestled there in the trees? That's a yoga studio! I wish I had one in my backyard.

Just like Miss Rumphius we thought! With our wide eyes we found these yellow lupines generously splayed throughout the region. Now that I think about it, we were surrounded by a lot of yellow flowers. No wonder we fell into a lovely state...

After a body and mind-cleansing day of soaking, reading, napping, soaking, soaking, soaking, we made our way through Cache Creek Canyon to set up camp at the regional park. The river was not far off from our cozy little site.

Down by the creek, there was this lone (or so we thought) lobster on land. He crawled around for a while, putting on a little show for us. After watching him rock climb and cannonball into the shore a few times, we learned he had a friend he was so eager to find. Two lobsters!

3 lobsters! (that's us)

Steamy springs not yet touched by the sun, early Sunday morning. Here are 3 things I love about camping:

1. not knowing the time, warming up next to a campfire
2. dirt under fingernails, not noticing when darkness falls
3. sleeping cozily in the cocoon of a sleeping bag, dinner tasting better than ever

I know I cheated on my list, but I love it all, really. Sunday we set out to Frog Pond along the Frog Pond trail. The trail description was a little iffy (some say the trail is 5 miles, some say it's 3.5, some say it connects with the Blue Ridge trail, some say it's a loop, some say the pond is bustling with frogs, some say there was only one. lonely. snake.) On that note, some say this stone house is the official trailhead for the hike.

and to follow was pure, lush, beautiful, landscape.

It's so hard leaving a place like this, however it's part of the experience. Exploring a new place, not knowing it will be amazing even though it always is. Falling in love with the landscape, feeling at home in nature, finding yourself soothed by a rising sun, laughing at a bird's song, mesmerized by a current. Saying goodbye is never easy but it's made easier knowing how one goodbye can be so easily reversed into endless hellos.


  1. These pics are Fantastic! Wish I could have joined you guys.

  2. i love everything about this post! that yoga studio, flowers and the lobster picture!! oh my.

  3. never have I wanted to go camping with my lady friends more. this is such an inspiring post, megan!

  4. I'm already planning for the next magical trip. Once will never be enough!

  5. i don't like camping usually, and i tell you, after reading this, that's all i want to do! LOVE your list. lobsters?? i thought they were only in maine.

  6. this post makes me want to go camping so badly! i just realized that i've never experienced camping before in the states. i wish i could go soon!

  7. Clare, good call about Maine. They might not have been lobsters after all, even though I kind of wish they were! Some kind of crustacean for sure :)

  8. What an amazing weekend you had...maybe it was a crayfish/crawdad?

  9. Jennifer, you are right :) I think it was...oh well. We all went to college in Maine, so I think we were hoping it was a lobster who made its way cross country. Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend, xo