Friday, May 28, 2010


In preparation for two very special people visiting me this weekend, I went to the French Tulip flower shop by my house and bought tons of flowers -- maybe too many! I couldn't help myself. I love making pretty floral vignettes for house-guests. For example, they obviously each need an arrangement next to their side of the bed. And one in the bathroom to look at while they wash they face. You catch what I'm saying? Other than smelling the flowers, we'll be quite busy. Have a lovely weekend to all! and poem, sweet poem will be back after the holiday.

p.s. I finished "The Wire" and one hour later saw "Sex and the City 2" at the Castro Theater as an immediate antidote to a truly devastating end to the series.

xoxoxo west baltimore forever xoxoxo


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  2. one of the visitors is quite happy with the bevy of flowers. xo