Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Girls and one Baby Girl

I feel like I need to get on board the dinner-party-at-Jeana's blog post train before it's too late and I hope it's not. First of all, Jeana, thanks for inviting me to your beautiful house for dinner. Those mussels were unbelievably good...and I believe I may have had 10 +

and Heather's cheese platter was an inspiration. You can't really go wrong with a cheese platter, but Heather's display is an example of how you can go so very right -- so right in fact that I couldn't stay away from it. But we had an amazing feast ahead of us, so I tried not to get too full on the little open-faced sandwiches I was making. I mean, when there's a fresh baguette, roasted flavorful tomatoes, a nutty and fruity spread and soft cheeses on the table, I'm going to drop my poet status and become a mathematician to see how many combinations I can make. To stop myself from getting so full, I wandered around Jeana's beautiful house in exploration. What kinds of things did I do to distract myself from snacking?

Said hello to the resident doggy...

and hello to the resident kitty. They both played a big role in the night...and helped me save my appetite.

There's Rami posing with our lovely host, Jeana, in a quiet candlelit moment. Good wine, pretty flowers.

It's about time to present the evening's star, Iroha! I was so happy that Michiyo brought her. At about 9 months, she fits in perfectly with the big girls. What a cozy night we all had...


  1. i too love a good cheese plate. I've found the key is a knife for each cheese. That way you don't have take turns and wait an eternity to get the knife and your slice (or if it's with family use the cracker to cut off a piece of cheese).

  2. sissy what about your cocktail nuts from tartine? major.

  3. aw i miss our cozy dinner. let's have it again soon.