Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bliss and the City

My favorite thing about 3-day holiday weekends is that it's almost guaranteed that Heather and Alex will come up to San Francisco to visit me. We hole up in my apartment, using it as a homey base to recharge in between city outings and over-the-bridge getaways. Our meals are above and beyond, both homemade and at restaurants. Now that they've come multiple times since I've lived here, they have their special requests ("We have to go to..."), the obvious spots we will hit up because we've had so much fun there in the past. However, because the city is vibrant in its ever-changing, ever-innovative ways, there's always something new for us to do. This post features our city highlights, as we parade throughout town from sunrise to sundown.

Stars, they're just like us! Sisters Heather and Megan walk together, with a matching step.

It seems we didn't stop walking. On a long Saturday stroll through the city we popped into some stores on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero. They had a lot for sale (including some pillows I need for my couch), but I was more interested in the local art. With a blue sky outside, we didn't stay inside for long. We wiggled over to Golden Gate Park to see the Impressionists Exhibit at the deYoung.

I'd never taken them to my favorite sushi restaurant, Eiji. The Eiji special is homemade tofu, but we didn't forget to order a gigantic platter of sushi as well. When our server saw our clean plates she said it was beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, look at Heather and Alex. So happy and cozy.

My new favorite spot to watch the Sunset! Indian Rock sits perched in the Berkeley Hills beside craftsman style homes and above the Gourmet Ghetto. My co-worker told me about its phenomenal views so I thought I would drag my sis and bro to check it out before our reservation at Chez Panisse. We caught a beautiful sky, dimming slowly into darkness after a clear and still day.

Our city magic comes to an end in the magical tree-house that is Alice Waters' restaurant. We were utterly cleansed by the light salads we ate and spaghetti with clams we twirled. It was one of the best dinners I've ever had and we went home perfectly happy and comfortably full. It had only just begun. Stay tuned for more on our weekend that felt, to me, like a vacation at home!


  1. awww!! looks like you had an amazing weekend. i love the paparazzi photo of you two. :D

  2. i liked the paparazzi photo, too. that's my favorite thing to do when i hang out with my girlfriends. and the sushi plate and spaghetti! yum!! i am hungry now.

  3. yay sissy! best weekend ever! I don't even want the red one anymore!

  4. that looks like an utterly perfect weekend and Chez Panisse...