Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bliss Out of the City

I'm grateful to have left my "out of the city" post until now. At this point, I've had enough distance from the weekend that I'm ready to return to it and access, through memory and photographs, all the things we did. There was Stinson Beach, Muir Beach. The drive in between. There was a dharma talk at the Green Gulch Zen Center. The gardens while we waited for those who came early to meditate to finish. There was Point Reyes National Seashore.

There was a plethora of green, the hue of late Spring at its peak.

Skies unfold enough blue to color the shore. But mostly there are clouds, heavily lined and we don't mind.

Come back, come back. We will always
use the light
to come get you
if you can't.





Flowers pop in a shop, real good for free.

Maybe it's my body, on loan. Every waking breath, from inhale to exhale. The pause is the moment for justice to what I've been given. The moment is not regret. Not then. Not some different time. Or the next time we wake up.
You are now more
awake than you'll ever

So good morning. Tend to business, tend to things, to hair, to flowers. Take care of this and that. Remember

whoever you encounter is part yourself, part other.


  1. how beautiful. looks like yall had a lot of fun.

  2. You are killing it with your posts lately-so beautiful!!
    So much food for thought (and a feast for the eyes) here.

  3. you always find beautiful spots! :)