Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am not Landon Donavon. (Before yesterday I didn't know who he was!) I did not score a winning goal at the end of yesterday's game during stoppage time. (Stoppage time...different than "over" time. I learned this too). I don't play for the U.S. "futball" team. (I made a fool of myself at a pub on Saturday when I asked, where was the Galaxy's David Beckham?) However, despite my lack of mind-bending footwork and my shameless ignorance in regards to soccer, I am, according to a group of macaroni-n-cheese tasting party-goers, The "Mac" Daddy.

Last night at Maggie's 2nd Annual Mag-a-roni and Cheese party, I baked and presented the Barefoot Contessa's mac-n-cheese recipe that I find to be the cheesiest, the richest, the best. Topped with tomatoes and bread crumbs, it's the nutmeg and the Gruyère that seal the deal on this one. Rather, won. After everyone's sampled and tried the array of dishes (I was quite taken with the "apple pie mac-n-cheese" as well as a "whole wheat spicy mac-n-cheese"), we vote for The Mac Daddy (overall best-in-show) and The Daddy Mac (most creative). Without voting for myself or any foul-play (minus one-or-two solicits), I managed to nail this one. Yes, it's really those small triumphs that get us through the day, am I right?

I didn't get a very good pic of my dish (which I renamed "Nut-Meg-a-Roni" -- sorry, Ina) but I did want to share the picture I took of Maggie's "Texas Style Pinwheels" -- or rather the evidence of how divinely good it was. All gone! Like I told her last night, it's all about the pinwheels and extra sharp cheddar. Muah!


  1. so fun and cozy and yummy! you make for me sometime?

  2. love this. a good old fashioned macaroni competition. and speaking of cheese and pasta, do let me know if you try the spaghetti with lemon one. perhaps a version of it could be next year's winner?

  3. make for me sometime too? please? xoxo

  4. Mac & Cheese Party = Best Idea Ever.