Monday, June 7, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice

It isn't rare in the Bay Area for a beautiful, 80 degree Saturday to start off looking a little gray.
Early morning at Rodeo Beach, the waves broke. The surfers took a hit, or two. Now if only the fog would do as the waves do. Break away. We knew it just had to be. We saw the sun and blue peaking through.

Little did we know it was waiting for us, to carry on our merry way back over the bridge and into the city. And there among the headlands, things really took off.

The blue sky has a say, and so do we: It's going to be a great biking day!

Wouldn't it be nice if it could last forever?

So let it, we say. Hours later (but who tells time in times like these) in the Sunset, with the sunset on its way, it's hard not to get picture happy. Jess took this of me, laughing. These shell wind-chimes aren't going anywhere.

Daylight dinner at Outerlands after a hot, sun-kissed afternoon. It's the only way to go, really. Biscuits and duck gravy.

Seafood stew...

...and cauliflower soup. Another way to go,

home along the road. Wouldn't it be nice if the sun came back tomorrow

and left us just the same.


  1. i love the gray sky. i wish southern california has more of gray weather. ha. and i love your pink floral top! xo

  2. dreamy dreamy. that food looks beautiful. must eat there next time. xoxo

  3. SUCH a beautiful perfect day you've had!! I love the photos, I really must get out of the city!! I need some of that fresh air ;)

  4. some of these above pictures need to be blown up and framed. the one with the little house to the left and the grass, clouds, blue sky, and rolling hills is my absolute favorite. ALSO, came across this:
    this morning and found it a perfect companion to this post.

  5. these photos are beautiful! the food + light + sky...gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  6. love the pictures. ahhh the seafood stew.... yumm

  7. meggie, ditto on all comments about the amazing photos! i am dying to plan an sf trip and have you take me on hiking/biking/eating adventures. also, tell me more about your maine plans xoxo

  8. OMG
    I want to come back and eat my way around SF again

  9. I'm not sure if you get archived comments BUT i woke up needing to visit this memory. I am so thankful you have so many special moments documented so beautifully. I'm waiting with open arms, gf. xo