Wednesday, June 9, 2010

indie mart

San Francisco's skyline carved into a piece of wood. Now that's why I went to the indie mart! On Sunday I made the long walk over to Potrero to see what all our local artists are making and what all our local scavengers are finding. For example, I fell in love with these 2 vendors, Francesca and Jory. Together they created "Little Curiosities," a collection of vintage gems and antique home goods. Here was their space:

Although I was tempted by their selection of needlepoint pillows, I spent some time looking through their array of old photographs. I found some that dated back to 1911, 1948 and 1955. It reminded me of how enjoyable it is to go to a flea market or paper mart and sift through boxes of photos. In the moment, though, their pics were exactly what I wanted. As a summer project, I plan to customize greeting cards and thank-you notes with them.

Another vendor had a fabulous supply of "tiny" photographs. I didn't catch his name but he has a store located on Valencia, called Room 4. I pass it probably every day but there's just something special about the things he chose for the indie mart and it made me want to peer into his merchandise. When I got to the box of tiny photographs, I went a little nuts! They're just going to be so perfect for smaller cards. Room 4's vendor also had this blue phone for sale. It reminds me of the movie "The Parent Trap." That's something I would have loved about being a kid in the 50's and 60's - talking on clunky colorful telephones!

When I got home from the long sweaty outing, I splayed all my curios on the floor and put together collages with them. Without paper and glue, collages can just be spontaneous and momentary. No commitment. It reminded me of when I was younger and used to cut up old magazines and make collages for friends. Sometimes it's fun to forget all your woes and let loose through craft and creativity.

I love the woman in the car...on the go!

She might be my favorite!

I like them too! Camping trip in Yosemite perhaps?


  1. What do you think those two women in the last photo are talking about? So glad you had success at your own treasure hunt. besos, s.

  2. See you next year on the John Muir Trail!

  3. I've always loved old photographs, too!!

  4. I love old pics! So cool!!