Friday, January 28, 2011

Spruce It Up

I'm really looking forward to this weekend! In a way, it feels like the very first full weekend of my new year. Having been preparing for a work trip to D.C. for what feels like the entire month of January, there hasn't been a lot of opportunity for me to relax into my space. It's here, though, and despite a somewhat gray palate to the sky this morning - I think it's going to be a beautiful couple of days.

When the sun in shining and the sky is blue, I like to walk around this hilly town or take a bike ride to the beach or over the bridge. In terms of downtime, I mostly like to be cozy around the house - curled up on the couch with a blanket or a book, baking Barefoot Contessa granola in the kitchen while listening to music programs on public radio, or (and this is most ambitious) hunker down at my desk (candle lit, cue Appalachian Waltz) and write some poems.

For the past few days, however, all I can think about is retail therapy! It sounds kind of amazing to do a little shopping this weekend. I'm not much of a shopper, but there are some items that have almost hypnotized me. For example, the Missoni Hector throws featured above. Or...

Shoes designed by Beatrice Valenzuela. Jeana recently featured her on Closet Visit and Heather posted the above pic on LA in Bloom.

This Helianthus goblet from Anthropologie's home department. Can you make out the rows of sunflowers?

Scents and Sensibility - it you're interested in candles, Diptyque is the dream spot. Luckily, there's a store in SF, on Maiden Lane. I'm eying this cheerful pink Mini Roses candle.

I've been breaking in my La Trop for some time now and I think I'm ready for Le Mini Sac. My Clare Vivier collection wouldn't be complete without one.

Since I'll be starting my 40-days of Yoga to Personal Transformation soon (more on that later) maybe it's time I got a Yoga Journal subscription. If you add up the cost of the few issues I buy a year, it equals the subscription, so why not?

I love this Sprout Patten Ring from San Francisco based jewelry designer Claudia Kussano. Her studio is caddy-corner to Tartine - double trouble.

And finally, everyone's reading it! Since I just blew through "Just Kids," I'm ready to move on to another great read. Something draws me to this book, but I haven't yet picked it up. Since I'll be mostly window shopping (or dream shopping) this weekend, maybe I'll run to my local independent bookstore and grab it, as a treat!

Anything catch your eye lately?


  1. sissy all this stuff is dreamy! love it all!

  2. love it sissy! i want those blankets! et merci :) xoxo

  3. megan! we must be on the same wavelength yet again because just the other day, I said to Matt: "I feel like spending lots of money today." ALSO: i also feel ready for the mini-sac! what color?? i know heather has red and jeana has silver... so, it's kind of a major choice. ;)

  4. @sissy - Dreamy, I know!

    @clare - Sissy Vivier! The blankets are so soft you won't be able to do anything but cuddle :)

    @amelia - Wavelength Sissy! Today might be the day I splurge - candles for sure. Got granola in the oven right now, ps!

  5. sissy. you need the Diptyque rose (i have it and i LOVE it) and mini sac for sure!

  6. i think i want the mini sac in NAVY BLUE. my friend Lauren just told me that was an option. Red is a dream though.

  7. Wow, what a fresh and inspiring post! I love all these things you are dreaming about. Hope the weekend is great.

  8. love this love this love this! how inspiring and adore the mini sac and yoga magazine!

  9. sis - how did the shopping go? next time you're in town let's hook you up with booties and a mini sac!

  10. Love . . . love . . . love those mocs!! They're amazing.