Thursday, March 31, 2011

Palm Sissies

When Heather first went to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway, I thought: that's nice. When she started making a habit of it, I became intrigued. What is this magical place my sissy has discovered? Well, it was about time I found out!

As part of my trip down to L.A. last weekend to visit my family, Heather and I nestled a little mini-vacay into the mix and headed out to the desert for a 24-hour jaunt at the ACE Hotel. A little sunshine, a little poolside, a little lush greenery never hurt. I had no clue what I was in for!

It didn't take long before we were lounging by the pool with refreshing cocktails. This is the life, no?

We talked about the soothing nature of the mountains. The palms against the sky really worked for me. This landscape is no nonsense.

Who says the desert can't be colorful?

We roamed the grounds of the Parker, taking in all the scents around us. I couldn't believe how good everything smelled. I felt like I was everywhere.

Breakfast at the Parker. Yum and beautiful.

I love the ACE, I love Palm Springs. It felt like coming home. But when I'm with Heather, I'm always home - no matter where we are.

Thank you, sissy, for such an amazing trip. Love you!


  1. This post makes me so happy - it makes me think of how much I love my sister (and how overdue for a sisterly vacay we are!). Looks like you two had an amazing time.

  2. this is too adorable/lovely.

  3. sissy - I love you!!! when can we go back to PS?

  4. Love Love Love!!! Looks like perfection! Xo.

  5. awwww so sweet! miss you, sissy!

  6. oooh this made me catch my breath a bit:

    "But when I'm with Heather, I'm always home - no matter where we are."

    I think I've said this before, but, when they're older, I hope my girlies have the beautiful relationship that you and Heather have.