Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Equinox

At first glance, a 9-course dinner doesn't scream Cleanse. Having just come off of my 40-days, however, I've been seeing things in a different light and exploring the mysteries of food. At last night's pop-up dinner at Outerlands (prepared by chef Leif Hedendal), while I luxuriated in its decadence, I also felt nourished and enlivened by this creatively prepared meal. Each dish, made exclusively with veritable vegetables, was like a walk through a Redwood forest, a taste of good earth.

Henry's olives and Massa almonds

(Outerlands owner) Dave's levain toasts with Bellweather sheep ricotta, black trumpets, wild herbs and flowers

Andante Creamery 'Tomme Dolce' and 'Nocturne' with baby beets and Barhi dates

Dave's toast (again)

rhubarb fennel galette with honey, lemon thyme, and creme fraiche

Outerlands being Outerlands, we saw in the Springtime while a bread-maker went to town beside us.

Happy Spring is right!

More highlights from the over-the-top menu (not bad for a Monday night at 9 pm):

crispy artichoke with yuzu kosho and horseradish

soup of Knoll green garlic, English peas, stinging nettle, dulse, sencha, and matsutake dashi with Dave's levain

purple asparagus, golden chanterelle, roasted brocolli, saffron-
spring onion-brown butter sabayon, pistachio, green strawberry

roasted maitake, gobo-Tokyo turnip-ginger nishime, Bordeaux spinach with hiziki and gomasio, kumquat, mustard

Little City Gardens magic mesclun with icicle radishes, blood orange, and argan