Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Loving

Although summer's still a minute or two away, I can feel it in the air. There were some hot days in SF recently, however, they were cut by some strong bay winds this weekend. It doesn't stop me from bike rides through golden gate park and sunsets on the beach though - I want to feel it all and fight these limitations. With its fog and wind, San Francisco makes you appreciate true warmth - those patches of stillness where the sun exists just for you. You know the feeling...

Feel it?

Makes splashing in the water much more fun!

and calls for pulling out the sun hats and straw bags! Oh, sunshine - come on over! Don't go away before you set...


  1. Dancing in the rain--so divine. Tonight I had my first real (and frightening!) thunderstorm in the Paris of the Midwest. Enjoy the sunshine and the showers, love. Missing you. xo

  2. playing in the water looks very refreshing and fun! makes me want to mix things up and step in a puddle and feel some cool water since my feet normally only know warm socks. :)

  3. Poem, you're killing me with those photos of water as thick as saran wrap. one of the first artistic attempts at photography was a study of a garden hose.

  4. Love this post. Can't wait for summer!

  5. nice photos! I miss San Francisco a lot, been 7 years since we moved to Spain! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog,