Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sissies Desert Style

Before Heather gets married, it was quite apparent that the two of us needed to have a special sisters weekend away. Since our last trip to Palm Springs was sprinkled heavily with magic, we thought we'd have the same luck this time. Obviously, we did. Now that I've been more than once, I've started to recognize this feeling I get upon leaving the city and heading out to the desert. The temperature rises, our worries disappear and our skin begins to warm. Immediately put at ease, we are nourished by the mountains, against the crystal clear blue sky.

Since we stayed at the ACE last time, we decided to try something new and booked a room at the Colony Palms. This hotel had an Old Hollywood feel, with Mediterranean architecture and a Moroccan-inspired design. I'd say that any hotel that makes you feel that you've traveled to another place and another era is good one.

The homey yet sophisticated lobby.

Our room. Isn't that head board gorgeous? Once we checked in, it was sun-kissed relaxation from then on.


Sometimes on vacations, I like to make the most of my day - seeing sights, walking the city, taking it all in. When it comes to Palm Springs, we'll have none of that. This place is for turning down the volume and switching one's pace from go go go to something of the snail variety.

Most of the day is spent lounging by the pool. Intertwined with the lush landscape (literally at one point there was a flower between my toes), we enjoyed our icy cold cocktails (strawberry lemonade above) and read our respective reading materials (Vogue magazine below).

Penelope Cruz - very Hollywood. New, but she's so classic she could be something out of the past.

The perfect sunset tells us it's time for dinner, because nothing else will. We're in Palm Springs where our job is to do nothing. Gladly, we do our job very well.

The photo booth at the ACE is my favorite - a new sister tradition!


  1. So cute.
    And you described the feeling of leaving L.A. for the desert sooo perfectly.

  2. Sis. Best trip ever. And I agree with Jennifer. That feeling is so specific and you summed it up so well. When we go next? ;)

  3. Is it weird that I thought about your trip all weekend and couldn't wait for a summary?
    I love the color, the warmth, the palatable R+R.

  4. Love your writing. And so funny, just put a package in the mail to heather- didn't put two and two together. Love your sister getaway!
    Makes me oddly nostalgic for my old California life reading up on all your adventures!
    Oh, and if you ever do want to wander, check out moorten botanic garden. Small little place to wander- palm springs i think it was. I think the sign reven says take yr time like a turtle - you'll see more.. :)
    Think I'll end my novel there:)!

  5. Love this, I am so glad you two had such a special time. This is exactly what you both needed to do pre-wedding. It makes me want to have this kind of a weekend. I am now itching to go somewhere warm and sit by the pool. So heavenly...

  6. You know, I was raised in southern California and I've NEVER been to Palm Springs. I've obviously missed out!

  7. is it possible to live vicariously through two people at once? loads of kisses to both taylor lovelies! xo