Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Once upon a time, there were 5 girlfriends who lived all around the country. Some lived in the east, some lived in the west, some lived in the middle. Fate would say distance would keep these girls apart. Fate would be wrong.

The gals usually visit one another in their most current locales but 2012 was different. This would be the year of the destination. The year of the poolside. The year of the sunhat. This would be the year of the desert, where the mountains glistened like river-snug boulders and the sun shined like a love-struck smile. Hello, Palm Springs.

Better yet, hello, Ace.

Hello, Birba.

Lambrusco. Dell'Emilia.

Hello, Heart. Matchbook.

Hello, Parker. Hello, Norma's. Hello, pancakes for the table please.

Hello, loves. Hello's really are the best so we'll stick with them because I hate it when we say goodbye. Most fairy tales end in two simple, closing words: the end. This one flipped finale on us all. Try: a beginning. Hello, hello, hello!


  1. You girls obviously had the best time! I know that this weekend was one you'll always remember. You are so lucky to have such good friends! Love that last shot, it speaks volumes.

  2. what an unbelievably special quintet you are! so bright, so sunny. this is a very cozy post. HELLO!

  3. OH! and LOVE the feet (obvi).

  4. obsessed this is my cozy place today

  5. i've been stopping in to say hello to this post all week long. thanks for keeping the great memories so present.

  6. You girls have a wonderful time!Love the photos!The nail colour in the last photo is wonderful!