Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restaurant Crush

If we were in grade school, I'd lean over my multi-colored trapper-keeper and whisper a secret in your ear: I've gotta crush.

On who
??? you might squeal. Well, I recently saw a borderline offensive commercial in which a man announces to the world that he is getting married. To bacon. I do not have a crush on that commercial nor do I have a crush on bacon. On who??? you keep squealing.

It's Piccino - the Italian style restaurant in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood. We've gone on a couple of "dates" in the past few weeks and every time I'm delighted by the fresh tastes and new experiences it brings to the table. I think we have a future together!!! <3

A few Sundays ago was one of those rare hot San Francisco days. Piccino was having a barbecue and there's nothing I love more on a hot day than the smell of BBQ!

And what's the most refreshing, beach-inspired food that one can bbq? Oysters! The Oyster Girls, a traveling oyster bar, entered the scene with their deliciously flavored bivalves. Don't worry, we're not in competition for Piccino's heart. Barbecued oysters paired with a glass of wine was the perfect cool-down on that hot day.

They also have a beautifully curated coffee kiosk next door, featuring San Francisco's Sight Glass coffee. They know what's up...

The next Sunday, I found myself at Piccino again for brunch on a rainy day. Clearly, I just can't quit Piccino. Every time I'm with Piccino, I feel like I'm on vacation in Italy. Perhaps it's the summery, cool atmosphere of the restaurant. (Zuni, watch your back. I may love another...). A gorgeous glass of iced tea...

A cappuccino made with love...

Pepperoni pizza, both pretty and peppery...

and, finally, zeppole with cardamom cream and candied orange. Legit crush right?

Tell me, do you have a current restaurant crush? (I promise I won't tell!)


  1. Trav and I are both crushing on the Daily Review Cafe in Houston. Their fried chicken is so light and crisp... it's a whole new (fresh, if you believe it) level of 'fried'. I swap the mashed potatoes for sauteed spinach and always wish I had enough room to start with their incredible salads. And oh, don't get me started on their patio!! XO.

  2. OK, I am totally trying this place next time I'm up. :)

  3. ah!!! i need this sissy! i feel like i have a crush on Son of a Gun in LA. I want to be there always.

  4. I have the same crush! I loved that restaurant.

  5. OK, you completely had me at "Dogpatch" neighborhood. That is the coolest name ever.

  6. Not quite a "crush", more like a full blown "affair" with Toscana, in Brentwood. My husband even approves.

  7. I TOO HAVE A CRUSH ON PICCINO!!! and outerlands. and everything megan taylor! : )

  8. I have the same crush on delicious food!Love BBQ and pizza!