Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chew on This

As part of Spring cleaning, I'm bringing a fresh new look into my apartment. A recent trip to the Ferry Building inspired me. To not walk away with load of ideas would be impossible along that corridor. Currently, I'm scheming a way to bring all of these positive, warm and happy vignettes into my space. Especially the cheese...Cowgirl Creamery of course.

p.s. Regarding my sort-of lack of posts: It's been a busy month full of transitions, organization and figuring stuff-out. You get it right? Also, now that I have the iPhone I'm completely hypnotized by apps, games, and new ways of taking photos (I've already had to disable some stuff because of how sucked in I got. Man, that phone is powerful).

Shall we say I'm distracted? I sure hope you're still with me and occasionally still stop by Poem, Sweet Poem to see what I'm up to! You, my readers, bring so much joy to my life. I hope you'll be patient while I make my way and figure out how to manage my real life needs (can you imagine?) in this crazy, app-filled world!


  1. Oh Megan, if you have entered the iPhone world, then for me no escape, I am truly a luddite.

    However, I will bond with you over Cowgirl Creamery. I drive extra miles here in LA to find and enjoy. Love the taste, love the name, just pure love.

  2. take your time, Megan! xo!

  3. I will never stray! Loved this blog post, such beautiful images from the Ferry Building. A favorite of mine. That cheese looks delectable!

  4. By the way, I love the concept of being inspired by vignettes you see out in the world, and then recreating their essence in your home. You have the perfect setting to do that.

  5. the address to p.s.p is forever ingrained in my fingertips' DNA. i'll keep coming here even if you swear off the internet.

  6. even though i may fall behind on reading my favorite blogs, i will always come back! ; )
    i love these photos, and i'm loving your spring cleaning.
    can we please have cowgirl creamery cheese when i'm there?

    also, i want to see you on instagram!

  7. Are you by chance on Instagram? I probably spend too much time over there, but I really love it.....and would love to see you there too! xo