Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making the Most of Memorial

It was a 3-day weekend and you know what that means: a visit from Heather and Alex! This time we mixed foodie greatness and natural goodness with a twist of cozy and a touch of style. OK, maybe more than a touch.

It all begins in my apartment, where I anxiously await their arrival. When I have guests, I like to fill my place with fresh flowers and yummy scents. I burn candles and light incense. I sweep and I spray things with Murphy's Oil. For them, I like it shimmering with cleanliness, with nary a dust bunny hiding in the corner. 

Hot off the plane and it's lunch at Piccino. Pizza, olives, farro salad. Lavender Cheesecake for dessert. It's how all first meals of a vacation should be.

We usually go north for our adventure: hiking in Point Reyes or a dharma talk at Green Gulch. Since Sunday was the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge we thought it might be best to head south and avoid any and all Northern SF activities, including driving over the Birthday Bridge. We found a hike through the Redwoods in Butano State Park near Pescadero. My new theory: all great journeys start heading South on Highway 1.

The hike was full of greenery, wildlife and wildflowers, so much to see, hear and smell. So much so, that Heather and I got a little lost while deep in conversation and thought. Where was Alex, we wondered as we called his name and heard no response? It just so happens that we had veered about a mile off course and found ourselves in a landscape that looked like Mars.

Luckily, we re-traced our steps and found our turn, which we had missed. When we got back to the trail head, Alex had left sticks in the form of an arrow leading us to his locale down by a creek. By this point we were hungry and tired, plus dazed from a long and nourishing hike.

We stopped into a cute country bakery that had everything from Romance novels to awesomely labeled wine to freshly baked bread. A chocolate chip cookie was in my future!

After some deep and necessary naps, we got dressed up and headed out to dinner (with a few stiff legs among us)!

 Wo Hing General Store is the perfect meal after a long day!

Sometimes I like going to the Ferry Building on any day other than a Saturday (sometimes the crowd of the farmer's market can be too much). An excuse to go on a Sunday is a leisurely lunch while overlooking the Bay. Hog Island Oyster Company anyone?

Oysters, clam chowder and salad. Sparkling Rosé on the house wasn't bad either! 

We also managed to fit in a burrito...or two ;)

It's like the life we were living...

...were labels at Bi-Rite. Great finds! 

As always, it was a spectacular weekend! I decided to take this whole week off (using some of my very much needed vacation days). So, in a way, the party's only just begun. I'm kicking it off with bigger images on my blog. It's been a long time coming. I hope you enjoy the new format. I sure do!


  1. One of our best three day weekends ever! So much fun with you, my sister! xo

  2. You took the whole week off!? I might beg for a coffee date!

  3. classsssic Megan and Heather Taylor action right there!! And love the new photo size!!

  4. Your home looks so cozy! Love it. I´v never been to San Francisco, but I´m sure I would love it to bits. And those oyster sallad....yummy!

  5. The photos almost do justice to this beautiful reunion weekend.

  6. Wonderful photos and looks like such a fun weekend. I loved meeting you yesterday. Hope you have a great week off. xo

  7. These photos are fabulous and what a great time you guys had! And then you came to L.A. to visit. We had a great time with you!

  8. sissy pants! this weekend looks like it was a magical one. rose' city sounds like the perfect city to live in. ; )