Friday, June 8, 2012


Oh, friends. I have been busy. I had an amazing Memorial Day with my favorite visitors, then a wonderful week in LA with my family and finally, last weekend, I was on a silent yoga and meditation retreat for writers.

Easing back into the real world has been crazy (dealing with a mouse problem can feel like a full-time job and when you already have a full-time job plus a desire to be social, stay fit, eat good food, watch Game of Thrones and maintain sanity, you feel like you're on overload). Feels like it.

Anyway, my blog is a huge priority for me, so when it's been over a week since I've posted I get a little anxious. Hope I haven't lost any of you!

One of the highlights of my trip to LA was going to Bergamont Station with my dad. I hadn't been in so many years and thought it would be a fun activity before lunch. We saw lots of art and even a succulent garden planted in a car. A fun surprise was popping into Hiromi, a beautiful paper store that specializes in paper from around the world.

Paper is one of those things that I see and handle everyday, but don't think much about. However, when the paper is a piece of art, it deserves some attention. For example, wouldn't these ones below make the most fantastic wallpaper?

This store was a piece of art in itself. Everything in its right place, it showed off the delicacy and versatility of paper-as-art.

I asked if I could buy that lighthouse paper off of the wall. Sadly, it wasn't for sale. I'm a real lighthouse nut, so that was too bad.

I love to imagine a profession that requires weekly trips to Hiromi. It's moments like these when I wish I had a designer's eye or was a letterpress printer. Imagine all the inspiration that would come from these sheets of beauty!

Even the white paper was beautiful. All the different shades and tones. It evokes a Victorian lace dress or a bed of fine linen.

Aside from paper, Hiromi carries little notebooks, cards, folders, and...

tape! Trying to figure out a special way to use these...any thoughts?


  1. As a kid, I had a huge (and I mean capital "H" Huge) obsession with tape. I taped everything. First thing that comes to mind today, however, is tape art. Try it!

    xo j

  2. As a *bit* of a paper addict, I might have stacks of the stuff. And Japanese masking tape to boot. I didn't use it for a year, and now I use it for everything- from labelling my mason jars to pinning up photos and leaving notes for people and wrapping presents (a step up from my previous method of using tin foil because its shiny).

  3. I love all of this. For some reason, reading it calmed my nerves. Love the tape!

  4. Such beautiful papers, but sadly, no brilliant ideas at the moment. I too love lighthouses though.