Monday, December 7, 2009

Country Baby

This is the time of year when the best movies come out. Commonly known as Oscar Season, Hollywood supposedly saves the cream of the crop for the end of the year. So why am I not impressed? Yes, some films have knocked me out of my auditorium seat. "Bright Star" anyone? And some have left me moved and devastated. Anyone brave "Precious" yet? Sometimes, we have to wait all the way until Christmas Day for the real goods. So far, this year is looking bleak and I'm not looking forward to anything! However, I am excited to see "It's Complicated," the new film by Nancy Meyers (a woman who not only makes films but makes them extremely cozy, like, quite possibly the coziest movies in human history.) I know I will love her new movie, even if it's bad, but I still have to wait.

In the meantime, I can watch any one of her movies and feel the warmth and love of life. Last night during a torrential rainfall, I had an itch to watch "Baby Boom," the 1987 classic in which the life of a career woman (they call her the Tiger Lady) is flipped upside down when she inherits a baby (Elizabeth) from a deceased cousin. I won't give anything away, but there might be homemade baby applesauce, a Maple Syrup festival and maybe even a row boat. You'll just have to watch to find out. Years ago, when I spent my first night alone in my very 1st apartment of my own, I watched it for comfort. It's so eighties, so Diane Keaton, so Vermont-y. Yep.


  1. baby boom is our life and i love this post. also, looks just like mommy in that last picture. xo