Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to be Seized

Flew through Lorrie Moore's book of short stories, "Self Help." You'd never know it was written when I was age 3 (aka in the 80's). Its tales are timeless, funny and heart-breaking. As I write the word, heart-breaking, my review becomes trite. I don't mean for it. I want to be as gifted as Moore, with her consistent voice and gripping style. Her prose makes me want to write prose. Her poetry makes me want to write prose. Should I start writing short stories? Wow, watch me ponder out loud my life as a writer, watch me guess my future. David Aloi, thanks for the critique by the way. He says, left justify your blog! Why read sentences centered in the center? It's not natural! Oh, Lorrie Moore. Those stories, and all their endings. Writing is so hard to end, it's true. But you do it so well, as if, the whole time we readers are reading, someone's foot has been pressing on our chest, and suddenly, you pull us out from under its sole. On endings: we could all go on, with ideas, ideas, ideas. Wrap them up, or go on? Not possible. "Go Like This." My favorite of the stories. If anything, visit Moore for this.


  1. you looooove this book. xmas gift for your big sis?

  2. who's david aloi? should I know him? i like that he said left justify! love it, actually.
    and be as heartbreakingly trite as needed. we support you.