Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Favorite Things

On and off for the past week, I have been under the weather. The below-freezing temperatures outside don't help either, so it's been a real chore to stay healthy. On the other hand, it does make it slightly easier to hibernate. However, resting isn't something I do very well. Sure, I know how to relax and have a little lounge, but most of the time I like to be active. Even when I know I should take it easy, I lean more towards the get-up-and-go approach: the kind that often slams you into the ground. And, alas, it is the reason that last week's cold crept on me this week. In the end, the only possibility was and is rest.

Inspired by my friend Sophie (who said she was giving herself a treat by resting) I decided I would do the same and take a full day off. If I'm so high and mighty about my ability to turn the energy on, I might as well challenge myself to do the opposite. Can I turn the switch off? Here's a hint: I didn't leave the house ONCE yesterday and I loved it! It was a challenge for me, but I feel so much better today! While taking it easy, I prescribed myself subtle remedies and kept track of what worked and what didn't. Counting down, here is my top ten list of to-do's (or, aka: Mastering the Art of Cozy Resting) when it comes to feeling better:

10. Non-stop cups of herbal tea (preferably with a glob of wildflower honey dipped from a honey stick).

9. Wrap up in 1, maybe 2 blankets, and remain in a horizontal position as long as possible (socked feet may or may not poke out from the bottom of your self-made cocoon).

8. Sorry, Al Gore, but keep the heater pumping all day (but turn off when you do # 7).

7. If you're getting restless, whip up some cookies with baking goods stashed in the pantry (you know you have them).

6. Take a scalding hot shower mid-day (you know, the kind that steams up every mirror and window in the house) and then change from pajama uniform #1 into pajama uniform #2 (who says you can't feel rejuvenated?).

5. Open a window once or twice for a blast of fresh air (even when it's freezing outside).

4. Skip your favorite yoga class, sorry (no, seriously, skip it).

3. Relish in a good book (maybe short stories, like currently Lorrie Moore's "Birds of America").

2. Dinner is Won Ton Soup with dumplings (have someone you love drop it by).

1. And finally, watch a movie for the ultimate distraction (ideally, make it a classic, 3-hour long film, like "The Sound of Music") -- it'll get you singing despite the stuffy nose!

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