Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For the past few years, not much has changed in terms of my 'Top 25 Most Played' songs on iTunes. About 1/5 of the tunes come from "The Milk-Eyed Mender," Joanna Newsom's whimsical debut album that, since its release 6 years ago, continues to open its petals upon every pluck of the harp, revealing more and more tenderness and beauty.

Just a few weeks ago and, at the time, oblivious to the upcoming release of "Have One On Me," I half-asked/half-announced to David A.: "You know who's fallen off the face of the planet? Joanna Newsom." "Not so fast," he retorted, before altering my awareness of Joanna Newsom trivia from ignorant of to hip to.

Alas, February 23rd hath arrived and I wouldn't let the day go without a download. The verdict? It's love at first sound...as to be expected, although I have yet to hear the album all the way through! I suppose we'll just have to see how the percentage of songs by Joanna Newsom evolves on my "Top 25 Most Played."

In the meantime, still waiting on those SF tour dates...

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