Wednesday, February 16, 2011

40 Days: Day 12

If I knew a certain meal was going to be my last, I might head over to Zuni Cafe for it. Yes, I threw in the morbidness for dramatic effect, but let's get serious. Zuni really is a true San Francisco delight. Whether it's their signature Caesar or the Chicken for two (allow one hour for preparation), no meal at Zuni bleeds into the next.

Starting next week, as part of 40 days, I give up processed sugar. I barely know what this means, but I both anticipate and welcome the challenge with open arms. This meant, that when my parents came to town this past weekend, I wasn't shy in the restaurant business. Lucky for me, the 40 days have already changed my appetite, cravings and capacity for food (all in a good way) - so I couldn't (and had little desire to) go too crazy. But, when we went to brunch at Zuni, the gourmet food was my Valentine.

Zuni is full of woodsy tastes and smells. When I looked down from our table, I saw the wood pile and freshly baked bread (the best ever) below. I also saw the preparation of two Caesars. Yum.

This was my main course - eggs fried in breadcrumbs, yum, topped with jewels. So, yes, not very 40-days - but we talk less about choice of food and more about portion control and moderation.

Pizza with, yum, Brussel sprouts. An aromatic iced tea to cleanse the palate.

This, I'm sure, has processed sugar. Orange scones with huckleberry compote. Double yum.

Yum, yum, yum.


  1. omg sis i want all of this now.

  2. I was there also, and I can second this post, one of the best brunches ever!

  3. wow...this looks crazy good...and so beautiful too

  4. we must zuni together when i return to the city by the bay. xo