Monday, April 11, 2011

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky

I did it! Yesterday I successfully ran the Artichoke Half-Marathon in Pescadero, California. There was a time (perhaps when P.E. was forced upon me in high-school) when I never, ever, ever could imagine myself running just for the sake of running. Yet, when someone asked me what I was running the half-marathon for, I easily said: I'm running it for myself.

Working towards a goal and finally reaching that goal provides so much satisfaction (and relief!). My mind and body are still in shock over the whole thing, but it was one of the most beautiful days I've ever known.

Pescadero is a small little town, just south of Half Moon Bay. My sweet parents came up for the event and supported my every move, cheering my on as I ran along the course. Those moments when they appeared (mile 6, mile 8, etc), brought a smile to my face and filled me with adrenaline - the perfect combo to reach that pivotal state of euphoria that keeps your legs moving when your mind says NO.

Along the 13.4 mile route, I got to enjoy wildflower fields, country roads and sunshine - although the sun got way too intense at times. You know the Joni Mitchell song when she says "Clouds got in my way?" For me, it was the opposite. Each time a cloud covered the sun, I was cooled instantly by the shade. I've looked at clouds from Both Sides Now and clouds did not get in my way!

I struggled the most during the last 4 miles. It wasn't easy getting to that finish line! But I did make it. To take my mind off of the running, I spent those last miles bird-watching and spotting each and every California poppy. I saw bluebirds, redbirds and yellow-birds, poppies in full bloom and some poppies just ready to open up to the world.

Here's my finish! (photo taken by Sarah...

...who came to cheer me on, which meant so much to me.)

Everyone who crosses the finish line, gets an artichoke. Isn't that amazing?! We are all winners!


  1. So much to respond to!!
    1. Congratulations!! Way to commit to something and make it happen!!
    2. I LOVE that tshirt. And you were rewarded with an artichoke?? so great.
    3. I think I've mentioned this to you before but in Murakami's memoir/book on running as it's related to writing, he runs this crazy (I want to say 60 mile) race and he begins to really struggle and all he keeps chanting to himself is "I am a machine. I am a machine. I am a machine." In short: I find myself chanting that sometimes. With writing, with exercise, with my family... ;)

    anyway, way to go MEGAN!!!!

  2. I love that you conquered this half-marathon and of course so much more. The picture with the artichoke is priceless. Bet they will never taste the same a good way. Congratulations! xo

  3. wooohoo! congratulations! I am so proud of you meggie!Who know one could look so pretty after all that running? =)

  4. You are such a winner in my eyes. I watched you do it and I was so proud of you! Congratulations on seeing it through, being determined, and finishing it. You will never forget this accomplishment! xo Mom

  5. Meg! What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations. And such a beautiful place to run. Can't wait to see you soon. XOXOXO

  6. Effin' amazing! I am proud of you. I second amelia on the Murakami (What I talk about when I talk about running). Check it.

  7. this is the best thing ever. i'm so proud of you sissy!

  8. Sissy, I am so proud of you! You are my role model. I cannot wait to give you a big hug!