Thursday, April 7, 2011

Afoot and Afield in San Francisco

Last Saturday, my friend Jessica and I went on an epic walk around San Francisco. We wanted to explore, on our urban hike, the city we already love. When wandering around on foot, there are new and different angles that give way - as opposed to scootin' around in a car, a bus or a bike. There's no doubt SF offers undiscovered treasures and we were eager to traverse some roads less traveled (by us, anyway).

Our journey started in the mission. We made our way down Valenica, through Civic Center and Downtown, and then off to Chinatown where we indulged in, what else? - DimSum.

We moved onward toward Crissy Field (with the help of the 30 bus line) where the flowers outside the Exploratorium were in full bloom.

Along the Marina was where we picked up the Bay Trail, which wiggles up into the Presidio and under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Soon enough, we were on a nature walk surrounded by Cypress and Eucalyptus and the qualities of city life felt distant and faraway. Right around the time we hit Baker Beach, it was apparent that our feet were getting a little angry at us. We knew it wasn't likely we'd make it to our destination just by walking. So once again, we hopped aboard Muni and headed to where we were headed: Judah St between 45th and 46th Avenues in the Sunset - home to Trouble Coffee, the General Store and, of course, Outerlands.

This was my second time at the General Store and it just keeps getting better and better when I go there. It's a beautifully designed shop, full of vintage and hand-made items. Many products are locally made, which contributes to the homey and craftsman vibe this little boutique gives off. It wasn't yet dark out, so everything glistened.

I want everything! There's also a sweet back patio, where succulents live happily outdoors and in a greenhouse.

I love this pic I took of Jessie - I was trying to channel Closet Visit, carefully curating her colorful shirt against the landscape. (Did I do okay, Jeana?)

After an 8 mile walk in the sun, it's only natural to have a refreshingly light beer and dinner at Outerlands. I mean, duh. Cornbread was featured on the menu that night, which was truly inspired. It had a little spice, thanks to some green peppers. To say we lathered our cornbread in butter would be an understatement. We may have even asked for a second butter...

The sun was hot that day, but as it set the night turned chilly - so this big bowl of carrot garlic soup was the perfect nourishment.

All days should be this dreamy. So happy Jessie and I could share it together, xo


  1. I want to take this walk with you! xoxoxo

  2. amaaazing!!! i want to do an LA version of this! (I mean, I'd prefer to do exactly what you did, but we have to work within the realities of our lives, right?)

  3. Can we do this same amazing trek around this gorgeous city next time I am visiting? Just one gem after another. I love seeing this city through your eyes.

  4. This is too lovely. Reminds me of another beautiful day and several urban hikes that we've shared. Love you!

  5. @Margo: I'd love for you to visit and we can take this walk together!

    @Amelia: I bet the LA version is amazing!

    @Mom: Yes, we'll do the trek!

    @Jess: Love, love, love you!!

  6. you did it right, sissy! Jessie looks so pretty in the photo. :)

  7. The photo of Jessie is great - her shirt picks up the pinkish/red in the succulents behind her. An urban hike sounds great, but in LA would have to carefully figure it out.....

  8. MEGS! trav and i had an almost identical weekend! but in a different order! fri: bike ride to outerlands/sunset. saturday: nearly 10 mile loop walk around the city, down to crissy field/fort point! let's join forces one of these weekends!

  9. @Maggie: MAGS!!! Let's do it! Maybe next weekend...just kidding :) Can't wait...

  10. Ack! Just reading this now. You captured our day beautifully, M. Thanks so much for sharing one of best days ever. It was simply terrific. Love to you, darlin'!