Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breakfast Beignets

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Tartine Bakery rules. Just ask the people lined up outside on a Saturday morning. Or a Sunday morning. Or a Sunday afternoon. Or on a Sunday evening. Or on a Wednesday.

All day everyday, people flock to Tartine to taste baked perfection - orange zest morning buns, seasonal bread pudding, and croque monsieur (just writing those last two words and I started to smell it.) See, I'm not even there and Tartine has magical powers.

I'm just like the rest of them - I love Tartine. However, I'm always in the market for a new and exciting bakery because, honestly, who doesn't love a good bakery - potentially one whose line isn't so long!

So, when I read about Devil's Teeth Baking Company on Tasting Table (an email newsletter than delivers food culture daily) I was eager to check it out. Here's what I learned: DTBC (as it will now be referred to as in this post) is very close to the ocean, out near the Avenues in the Sunset District. We all know I have a weakness for the Sunset. Remember this? And this?

Anyway, on the DTBC website, the first things that might catch your eye are these words: There are very few things better on earth than starting a morning with a cup of coffee and some hot beignets. I couldn't agree more and, seriously, way to reign 'em in. Way to get me up early on a Sunday morning, dragging 3 friends out to what I imagined would be a culinary delight (and a sweet treat guarantee).

After the journey out to the Sunset (some bike...

...and some drive - you can see my car in the very far left of this photograph) we were ready to explore this new bakery - and potential breakfast go-to!

There was talk that they had Blue Bottle Coffee. I love Blue Bottle! Not just because it's great coffee, but because it has a sense of humor. You either have to go to the Ferry Building (farthest east end of the city) or to DTBC (farthest west end of the city) to get some. OK, that's not entirely true (there is most certainly some Blue Bottle scattered around the city) - but I like the idea that if you run Bay to Breakers, you can start and end your journey with a cup of this deliciousness.

At tasting table's suggestion, we all ordered what they refer to as "the big gun" - the breakfast sandwich. While sitting outside on a bench in the fog, we enjoyed (and performed a running commentary on) our scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese stuck inside a buttery biscuit. Some of us started with our beignets, some of us saved them for dessert. Some of us photographed the bags that held them, as they slowly proved that what was inside was very, very fried.

Fried to order, that is.

Getting dressed that morning, I never thought that black would be a bad choice. It just goes to show that those that run this fine establishment were not greedy with the sugary goodness. The beignets were a knockout and DTBC is just another example of why the Sunset isn't just a place to watch the sunset.


  1. Another great culinary discovery! Yum, that looks so delicious. And I love the last picture of your powdered sugar legs! Can we go there next time we visit?

  2. Maybe John Brady Anderson can join us next time?

  3. Yet another reason to visit you in San Francisco .

  4. Blue Bottle + Beignets! My idea of heaven. Thanks for the introduction to Devil's Teeth.

  5. My mouth is watering! The food looks like it's to die for...

    By the by, did I tell you that I'm cooking my way through the Tartine bread book? You must get your hands on one immediately. Those recipes turn flour and water into perfection. Yum yum yum.

  6. I miss American breakfasts! Ahh, it all looks so good! I also want to find that coffee...