Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Tesuque

More of Santa Fe, because why not? Before my recent trip to New Mexico, I'd been to Santa Fe a few times. However, I'd never been hiking in the Santa Fe Mountains. Just a few hours after I landed in the city of Albuquerque, I was hiking the little Tesuque trail with friends that I consider family. It doesn't get better than that.

Our trail of choice links the longer Aspen and Windsor trails. Aspens are one of my favorite trees. This hike was full of them. It always feels like the Aspen is looking at me, probably because it's covered in formations that look like eyes. I return the glance and continue looking back.

Looking, looking, looking...

There was more than just Aspens to look at. I've probably never seen so many butterflies in my life than on this trail. They flapped their wings, darting from flower to flower. They definitely made their presence known and we accepted their flight gladly.

Santa Fe might have that desert vibe, but there is also a lushness to be seen. On hikes, I love observing the layers of trees and different shades of green. There's so much within the collage of the forest. A world to discover, if you're ever looking for one...

On hikes like these I always think, I'm happiest in nature. It's when I feel most connected to my surroundings. Never out of place, unwelcome or confused. Everything makes sense outdoors. Maybe it's because the hardest decision to make is whether to take this beautiful trail or that beautiful trail?

To frolic through the meadow alongside the creek or through the grass, upon the path?

Speaking of decisions, I probably wouldn't eat these. I know nothing about mushroom foraging, but these beauties evoked an interest. Although I wouldn't be removing these from off the log, I got fancy with the close-up mode of my camera. Got right in there.

I love the kind of trip that lets me bring my Chacos (a jaunt somewhere glamorous probably wouldn't be one of those trips. Chacos in the City of Lights? Not so much.). The great thing about Chacos is that, although they might not be the most stylish shoe, they provide for a comfortable hiking shoe while also letting your footsies breath. When hopping from rock to rock over a creek, there's less pressure not to miss your step. It's a refreshing splash in the water as opposed to a soggy shoe. They make wading through water much more fun. Alright, done with the promo...

This trip reminded me of the gorgeous Santa Fe sky. Although there was a bit of rain when I was there, a clear blue sky always peaks out from behind. But the clouds don't block the sun and sky. They make them that much brighter, giving shape to an otherwise vast ceiling.

From then on, it was dreaminess, relaxation and cozy vibes. Oh, and did I mention the turquoise? The lavender lemonade? The rose Quartz? More to come...


  1. beautiful. i think butterflies bring good luck.

    nature is my best friend.


  2. Looks {and sounds} like a wonderful hiking trip! Gorge photos!

    {love that first flower shot!}

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  3. Such a peaceful place. I can almost smell the sage...

  4. Beautiful images! lavender lemonade? That sounds dreamy!

  5. I know I'm kinda late, but just to say that Sante Fe has the best contextual architecture in the world. I think that, along with the light, is what we fall in love with. Beautiful pics Meg!

  6. Meg, this trip sounds amazing and the more I hear about it, I need to visit. Thanks for continuing to post your beautiful pictures!

  7. I keep coming back to look at that first photo. It evokes a lot of emotion in me. I just printed it (hope you don't mind) to incorporate into a painting. I mentioned before, in your previous post, that the one time I had been to Santa Fe, I was very disappointed. It was near Christmas, and so unbearably cold. Like 0 degrees. I felt it was so touristy and that if I saw another cactus decorated with chili pepper lights, I was going to scream. Your posts shows me a whole other side to Santa Fe, and we're definitely going back! BTW - You're a very good photographer.