Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, Santa Fe

Just got back from a relaxing and inspirational weekend in Santa Fe. We spent our time eating delicious New Mexican food, hiking into the mountains, bargaining at the flea market, journeying through Georgia O'Keeffe land and hearing our voices come back to us at Echo Canyon. It was special enough for 10,000 blog posts. Here's a first glimpse into the magic:

Rachel and me at Ghost Ranch.

The road to Abiquiu.

The whole world at the Flea Market.

My highly anticipated Zuni purchase.

Sunset outside of Pasquals.

One of many beautiful days in Santa Fe.


  1. I think we are definitely cut from the same cloth!

  2. Love this! And how cute are you and Rachel! The bracelet is so you. I really need to visit Santa Fe, it looks so beautiful.

  3. I need to re-visit Santa Fe - Didn't have a great experience the first time.
    Your post is convincing me to try again. Love the bracelet on you!

  4. Wow, I've not given the Southwest a chance!

  5. I'm obsessed with Santa Fe! Love this post.

  6. beautiful! sissy, i love the cuff you bought!

  7. Totally sold on Santa Fe.

    I might have to borrow that bracelet. ; )

    Smooches xoxo

  8. This is AMAZING. You and sur babe look gorgeous. Happy Cozy Sexy Cool.

  9. wow. sometimes the United States of America is a pretty cool place to have access to, huh?


  10. santa fe looks like heaven! and you two, like angels.