Friday, August 12, 2011

Wild About Wild Flour

Wild flour bakery and garden, that is. I'm kind of a sucker for bakeries. Who isn't? An establishment devoted exclusively to breads, sweets, tarts, scones, croissants, rolls, buns, muffins - should I go on? Maybe I shouldn't because, unless you're sitting IN a bakery right now reading this post while crumbs litter your keyboard, I'm not in the business of making you drool.

Or maybe I am? Let's change the topic. I also have a weakness for gardens (again, who doesn't?) and the garden at Wild Flour is possibly one of my favorite places in the world. Always full of plump veggies, basically falling on the vine, this garden is the perfect place to relax and inhale the good earth while enjoying a delicious item from the bakery.

Sometimes, while I'm lazing in the sunshine out in the garden, I can't figure out what's lulling me so deeply into a state of calm: is the smell of flowers? The sweetness of the sticky bun? The buzzing of bees? The light coming through the canopy of trees? It's everything.

After our horseback ride, Caitlyn's Bachelorette group headed over to Freestone (a short drive from Bodega Bay) to luxuriate in Wild Flour.

The bakery in action: is there such a thing as too much bread? No, especially when it's of the cinnamon variety. Or, possibly, when there are goat cheese and potatoes baked inside. We got one of each...and more.

After grabbing the best that the bakery has to offer, we went out back to the garden. Caitlyn (above) steals a piece of scone.

In the garden, you see flowers floating.

Squash blossoms growing.

Green here...

Sunflowers there...

Wind chimes everywhere.

Petals upon petals upon petals.

Sweet peas crawling.

This sweet pea, Caitlyn, smiling - as we all should be. Because in places like these, when one is wild, one is free.


  1. wild and free! i love it.

    can i please live there?

  2. Reading this first thing at my desk this morning has set my day off to a peaceful start..and a hungry one too. =) love you!

  3. Ohhh and the spa across the road is divine, too.

  4. That place is brimming with wholesomeness. I have the best memories of shared meals (ok, bread) on that picnic table out back. I'm living vicariously through this sweet visit. xoxo

  5. Hi Megan, I found your blog via Jeana Sohn's, and love these photos of your trip to Wild Flour! Such a beautiful day when you were there...
    We live on the east coast but my husband's family has a house at Salmon Creek, not far from Freestone. I would happily live there - and I love that bakery, too. So nice to see gorgeous images of this place on yet another too-hot day in the south!