Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad About Yoga

To begin, I spent the weekend at a yurt in the woodsy pastures of Santa Cruz...dreamy as always. I got home last night and was completely exhausted. Lots of fun, lots of sun, and the most action little toe has gotten since the tear - so needless to say I was thrilled to zone out on the couch with my Sunday New York Times. It is a rare summer night when I eat a small bowl of cereal for dinner and find myself watching the night sky for that last trace of light for the world's permission to hit the hay. The moment occurred last night at about 8:57 if anyone's interested. I couldn't quite get to sleep, though, because I was swamped with the New York Times' Sunday obsession with yoga. Did anyone else notice this?

Let's see, we have the long article in the magazine about Anusura yoga's founder John Friend. That article, of course, quotes an article from the book review, which also had another review of a book about yoga. It was off the hook. By the way, the Book Review is where I found this unbelievable photograph of Marilyn Monroe. I mean, really- She's in bow pose and she's posing and she's smiling and she's wearing satin ballet flats and, because she's Marilyn, she looks beautiful.

Marilyn's hair-do and outfit make me think of Mad Men which had its Season 4 premiere last night, but since I canceled cable to yield more yoga, I didn't get to watch. Not to mention that lately I've had to tone down the yoga due to the state of affairs of a certain toe. Oh, how life comes full circle! No Mad Men, No Yoga. Woe is not me, however, because when those DVD's come out I will be watching Don Draper and Co. in full force with those back to back viewings...something with which Netflix has spoiled me rotten.

It's not the same as live, but I'll live.


  1. thanks for pointing me toward all these yoga articles! i couldn't be more obsessed myself--actually heading to class in a little bit!

  2. love all this sissy. going to yoga this week!