Monday, July 19, 2010

Om, Sweet Om

Good morning!

Behold my Eat Pray Love moment, above and below:

I just got back from "Eat, Play, Yoga," a yoga retreat up in Sonoma (yes, I had it planned long before the toe - so I gently made do, yes, very gently...). It was led by my teacher Elizabeth, whose class I've been attending for almost 3 years now! Even though it was a short jaunt up north, I'm not quite back on earth yet and that's just fine. I'm still basking in a state of bliss, relaxation and laughter. A state I never plan to shake if possible. As Elizabeth offers at the end of each class, 'take a moment to notice how you're feeling and keep this stillness with you throughout your day.' At this moment, feelings that come to mind are peacefulness, compassion, quiet, and gratitude. I will keep this stillness with me.


  1. this is our ultimate purpose in life to spread this stillness and love to ourselves and in effect others. one. xo. that sounds like a fabulous retreat. let me know of the next one (elizabeth's or other...)you attend. xo.

  2. so glad i found your blog, even though i knew of it before i even met you. remember how we couldn't communicate when we first spoke? martian verses human- me being the martian of course. thanks for being so wonderfully funny, great to be around and someone to look forward to seeing again. hope your toesies are feeling stronger each day.


  3. Coco!!!

    I miss you so much already, and I'm so happy you managed to find "Poems Poems and more Poems." I do love that the first words we shared were incomprehensible and that they remained ever so goofy and fun. Hope 5 a.m. this morning wasn't too tough...I know it was hard for me to transition back into the work week after the weekend we had. Can't wait to see you soon, tell Lori hi from Fruity Booty. And seriously, let's make a plan to Eat, Play, Yoga again!

    xoxo, Megs.

  4. Hi Megan- You have such a charming blog! I'm glad to have gotten to know you a little bit this weekend. Btw, there's a picture of yours in here that made me draw my breath in sharply, with both wonder and desire- that sushi platter from, uh, Eiji? Cheers, Ken

  5. SISSY POO - will you invite me next time? Pulease?????? xoxo