Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peach, Strawberry & Banana

Red, white and blue is so last year.

This holiday weekend was everything I wanted it to be - and more! It was actually my first 4th in the Bay Area. Three years ago I moved here in August, two years ago I spent the holiday in Warren, Vermont with my family (the don't need lessons on how to do it in VT - professional 4th of July celebrators they have there), and last year I went to my best friend's BBQ on Manhattan Beach). So, this year, I learned that in San Francisco you have to curate your own 4th of July. Apples pies aren't handed to you on a plate. Parades don't march outside your window in the Mission District. The fog? Not so conducive to fireworks. This is not to say that San Francisco is not a proud, American town. But let's put it this way: I saw way more flags a-flyin' on Pride. Overall, this weekend, there was an array of delightful sweets and colorful treats. We just had to arrange them ourselves.

My loves (Jess and Sarah) spent Saturday baking peach deserts while I curled up on the chair, sleeping on and off and reading V.W. Still stuffed up from a cold, I couldn't exactly smell the aromas flocking every which way from the kitchen. It was my own eyes that told me...

eat this immediately! Sarah's Bavarian Peach Tart and Jess' Rustic Fruit Galettes (both from the Tartine cookbook - saved by Tartine, as usual) are not a laughing matter. To-die-for deserts are a serious thing.

Full tummies and dreaming of peach, what else is there to do put relax on the beach. Exhausted from their efforts, these bakers are completely deserving of sleepy-time on, where else, but Baker Beach.

Theme of the weekend: refreshing colors abound! Early morning glass of water and OJ. I feel like I'm on vacation. Sort of like how I felt when I watched the film "I Am Love" at the Kabuki.

Oh, God, Tilda. You hypnotized us all. I am in love with this movie, loved everything about it. Something I noticed about this breathtakingly gorgeous film was how it tore into the relationship between the interior and the exterior. From home to heart, him to her, ground to ceiling, "I Am Love" moves into your body and you, while watching, will feel the power within. Since I saw it, every minute I remember something new, like Tilda's strawberry blonde hair and her daughter's peaches and cream complexion.

See it immediately...

Or, if you're not ready to have your mind-twisted, play Banana Grams! My new favorite game to lighten up the day.

I could not have this weekend without Strawberry ice cream from Mitchells. The wait is absurd, even last night when it was windy and chilly, but it's worth it!

Like I said, fireworks? Not so much here on the Bay. Down at Embarcadero my hopes were high for a sparkling spectacular. But the sky was not clear, neither was why the weather report said it would be. Luckily, I saw this car in the Mission on Friday night. Now I'd call this a San Francisco firework on a very San Francisco 4th of July weekend. Ooooh, Aaaaahhhhh.


  1. Looks like a perfect weekend!
    I am starving and looking at those tarts made my tummy ache
    I am coming to SF August 6th, 7th and 8th. Would love to meet for coffee if you are in town?
    If not, maybe you could give us some recommendations for food? We like to eat our way around town

  2. those tarts look totally divine!!

  3. oh. my. dreamy. what a weekend! i've held that Tartine cookbook in my hands on more than one occasion. maybe it's time to finally purchase? beautiful post!