Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 reasons to love Wednesdays:

1. Modern Family at 9 p.m. (catching up with reruns on ABC).
2. Yoga Tree Valencia's 4:30 Vinyasa class (that I enjoy in spirit because I'm still at work).
3. The New Yorker arrives in the mail (something to devour without ever getting full - I'm so inspired by this week's cover image of the cyclist climbing through the woods).

And this Wednesday in particular?

Dinner and cocktails at Beretta with Emmanuel.

Not bad for the middle of the work week!


  1. Dont read the story about medicines not working unless you want to cry your eyes out
    Love Wednesdays too - my day off
    For sure going to Beretta

  2. yes yes and yes. story on medicine not working made me cry not even one page in, so i'm taking a break. love NYer wednesday.